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Sometimes we forget how much we rely on our feet until they are suddenly taken away from us. Here at High Point Foot Center, our foot clinic will see that you are treated with the finest podiatrists in High Point, NC. If you are having difficulty walking, it's best that you call for an appointment today.
Dr.Kevin Henry is a top foot specialist with over 17 years of experience. With a medical degree in Podiatric Care as well as being a certified foot surgeon by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, he has helped numerous patients overcome their feet problems. He is recognized for his professionalism, expertise and personal attention to each patient.
Foot clinic team in Highpoint, NC

Our experience

Dr. Kevin Henry has many years of experience in specializing in your feet. To ensure the most up to date and modern methods, all of our staff undergoes continuous training and study. This along with many years of experience ensures that you are given the best advice and best treatment methods possible when you visit our foot clinic in High Point.
Treatment at our foot clinic with the best professionals in Highpoint, NC

Our clients

We pride ourselves in being your local neighborhood Podiatrist. Providing you with a comfortable and relaxed office experience. We have the means and experience to treat patients from all different backgrounds. Our clients range from children to the elderly and everyone else in between.
Foot treatment in foot clinic in Highpoint, NC

Our staff

Our team is very dedicated to providing the most warm and friendly service possible. We do everything we can to ensure your comfort while in our foot clinic. Past customers always comment about our warm and bubbly staff members which are one of the reasons we are regarded as the foot clinic of choice in High Point.
"Proper foot health is important in everyday lifestyle. I urge everyone to take a few extra minutes a day and look at your feet. You can avoid a lot of problems if they are caught early enough."

Dr. Kevin Henry
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